Delta Block - History

Development of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) began in early 1920’s in Sweden and Architect, Johan Eriksson, patented the manufacturing process in 1924.

Production was licensed in 1928 and the first manufacturing facility built in 1929.

It took until 1988 AAC for the first production plants to be built in Egypt and our product is now known as DELTA BLOCK.

So What Makes Delta Block Such
A Special Wall Building Material?

  • Lightweight whilst still retaining its strength.
  • Superior thermal insulator and no need for other insulators.
  • Saving costs for builder and owner.
  • Fantastic workability and durability.
  • Environmentally outperforms all other wall building materials.
  • Unique as both fire as well as earthquake resistant.

Delta Block’s Unique cellular structure means it can be lightweight at the same time as retaining excellent compressive compressive strength.

Delta Block weight is 60% less than that of clay bricks.

  • Less Concrete
  • Less Steel
  • Less Mortar
  • Less Labor

Using Delta Block Wall System

Creates a Comfortable Living Environment

Thermal Insulation:
During a 24hr test where outdoor temperatures varied 22°C, the indoor temperature fluctuation was only 3°C when using Delta Block.

Delta Block Wall Building System

Saves The Contractor, Investor As Well As The Property Owner Money

Delta Block Is Easily Laid, Cut, Sawn, Drilled & Grooved

Using Common Tools And In Addition The Delta Block Wall System Doesn't Age

This workability and easy to use, makes Delta Block an unparalleled product to work with.

A German study concluded that Delta Block outlasts all other wall materials and in addition showed after 80 years strengthening improvement.

We Support Our Environment So What Nature Gives Us,

Delta Block Products Gives Back 5 Times

  • Ecological building material.
  • No allergic substance.
  • No toxic gases admitted in case of combustion.
  • We recycle our energy.
  • We recycle our waste.
  • And thereby have virtually ZERO CO2 emissions.

Delta Block Is The Most Advanced Non-Combustible And Earthquake Resistant Wall Building Material

The highest fire resistance factor at all Light Weight Blocks are noncombustible Fire resistance Rating 2hr at 1200 ْc.

The specific characteristics of Delta Block allows the material to deform under tensile stress and hence cope with the movements of a seismic activity.

As seen in the picture, the house made of Delta Block (AAC) survived virtually intact from the KOBE earthquake.

Delta Block Has Always The Same Length (60cm) & Height (20cm) But Comes In Different Thicknesses Depending On Which Application

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